Limb Amputations

While limb amputation sounds like a scary and life-changing event, it is sometimes necessary. This is especially true for animals who are living with painful and debilitating conditions that affect their quality of life. If you need to discuss limp amputation with a vet, we can go over everything you need to know here at Cashua Veterinary Care in Florence, SC.

Why Some Pets Need Amputations

One of the most common reasons that a pet will need a limb amputation is due to cancer that has taken over the leg. Cancer in the bones can take over in the legs causing debilitating pain and result in fractures. Another common reason for amputation is severe trauma that consists of many fractures and a loss of too much soft tissue.

Surgery and Recovery

Our veterinary surgeon will more than likely take away the entire leg even if the trauma location is further down on the limb. This is because it is not healthy to leave any remaining bone unless it is still responsible for something. There are certain circumstances where a partial amputation will need to be performed only for the use of a limb prosthesis.

Following surgery, your pet will need to stay in the hospital for 24 hours to be monitored by our staff and receive the necessary medications for post-op management. Most pets are cleared to go home the very next day. The recovery period is relatively short and if proper home care is taken, complications are rare. Complications such as fluid buildup and infection do happen but can be prevented. If you have a home with slippery floors, you should consider yoga mats to help with the recovery process. Pets with three legs do better on floors that have traction.

Life After Amputation 

An animal’s quality of life may or may not be affected too much. The good news is that the root cause of your pet’s pain has been addressed. Pets adjust quickly to shifting weight on the remaining three limbs since the other limb was causing too much pain to walk on. The silver lining is that pets will no longer be in any more pain and even with three legs they tend to still do remarkably well.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Florence, SC for Limb Amputations

At Cashua Veterinary Care, we have been performing leg amputations and other limb amputations for many years. Call us today at (843) 407-9020 for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

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