Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling

Your pet may have very specific dietary restrictions. Many pets, just like humans, are allergic to certain foods. If you find your pet has started to develop allergic reactions to foods, it can be stressful attempting to identify which ingredient is causing the reaction on your own (not to mention expensive as you sift through different foods). Likewise, your pet may be putting on weight, which can make them sluggish and add extra pressure onto their joints. At Cashua Veterinary Care, our team will provide you with the very best nutritional counseling and diet information for your pet. This way, your pets can live a longer, healthier life, as they eat the right food for their dietary requirements. 


A Personalized Nutritional Plan

Cashua Veterinary Care Animal Hospital is here to provide your pet with the very best in nutritional planning. As long as you follow the specific plan we provide for your pet, you will be able to avoid most emergency vet visits. After all, you will want to visit your veterinarian only for checkups and not for emergencies.

Our Florence veterinarian will work with you in customizing a nutrition plan for your pet. This way, if your pet struggles to lose weight, we can help you out. We can also help with identifying foods that are beneficial for joint health. This is important if you have older pets, as it will safeguard them from arthritis and other issues. Whatever potential health problems your pets might have, your vet will be able to help.  


Some pets have allergies. There are a number of foods pets are often allergic to. This can range from corn and soy to certain kinds of proteins. Attempting to pinpoint the exact foods on your own can cause a bit of a headache, not to mention you'll go through all kinds of foods (which may cause your pet stomach issues). The best way to address this issue and to identify what your pet is allergic to is to perform a series of simple allergic tests. These are similar to what is done with humans to identify allergies in humans. 

Customize A Diet For Your Pet

In order to help your pet live their fullest life, you will want to craft a diet and nutritional plan specific for them. This can help address problems with if they are allergic to foods or if they have problems with keeping weight off. At Cashua Veterinary Care, your local Florence vet will help you come up with the very best diet, regardless of your pet's needs.

So, if you've been searching for a "vet near me" in your search engine, let the Florence, SC, team from Cashua Veterinary Care assist you and your pet. You and your furry little friend are a simple phone call away from expert advice and a personalized diet. 

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