Pet Allergies

What You Need to Know About Pet Allergies

Pet allergies can be extremely aggravating for your animal, causing all kinds of irritating symptoms. If you think your pet may have allergies, bring him to our animal hospital for an examination. At Cashua Veterinary Care, we have ample experience treating pets with allergies. You can trust our Florence veterinarians to accurately diagnose and treat your pet’s allergic condition. 


Types of Pet Allergies

Dogs and cats can be susceptible to food and environmental allergies. Sometimes pets are born with these sensitivities. Other times, they develop allergies during the course of their lives.

If your pet has environmental or contact allergies, he may be sensitive to such allergens as dust, dander, pollen, certain types of grasses, ingredients in cleaning products, shampoos and perfumes, fleas, and even cigarette smoke.

If he has food allergies, he could be allergic to corn, wheat, soy, and some types of meat products.

Pet Allergy Symptoms

Reactions to environmental allergies will often show up on your pet’s skin. Your pet may develop dry patches on his skin, rashes, inflammation, or fur loss. If you notice these symptoms, contact our veterinarians in Florence, SC, for a checkup.

Some pets are extremely sensitive to flea saliva. When bitten, they develop severe rashes on their skin that constantly itch. Excessive scratching can lead to open sores, infections, and raw, bleeding skin. By calling our Florence vets at the first sign of skin problems, you can save your animal a lot of pain and discomfort from pet allergies. Food allergies can cause gastrointestinal problems in your pet. Symptoms may range from increased flatulence to vomiting to diarrhea. If severe symptoms arise, contact our emergency vets immediately for treatment. 

Diagnosing Pet Allergies

Pet allergies can be diagnosed through blood or skin tests. Our Florence vets will determine the allergens bothering your pet, so you can avoid them. For food allergies, we may put your pet on an elimination diet to determine what’s causing his symptoms.

By working closely with our veterinarians in Florence, SC, your pet can get the help he needs to alleviate allergy symptoms. The strategic location of our animal hospital will make it easy for you to find a “vet near me.”

Treating Pet Allergies

Eliminating the allergen from your pet’s food or environment can subside many allergy symptoms. Year-round flea medications can eliminate flea outbreaks that cause allergic skin conditions. Allergies can also be controlled by keeping your pet and his environment clean. For severe allergies, we may recommend medications to alleviate symptoms. Our emergency vets are on call for severe allergic reactions when needed.

See Our Florence Veterinarians for Pet Allergy Treatment

Contact Cashua Veterinary Care at (843) 407-9020 today for pet allergy treatment. At Cashua Veterinary Care, you'll have no trouble finding a “veterinarian near me.”

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