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Pet Dental Services

At Cashua Veterinary Care we are your veterinarian in Florence, SC. Along with treating injuries and providing pet surgery, we also offer preventative veterinary services including pet dental care. You need to maintain strong teeth and gums while providing good oral hygiene for your pet. Let us help. Find out more about how our Florence vet works to improve a pet’s oral and dental health.


Choosing Pet Dental Checkups

The first part of pet dental care that we provide for our patients is dental checkups that include oral exams and teeth cleanings. This basic care is generally scheduled as part of your pet’s annual health check. However, you can also make an appointment for dental cleanings at any time for your pet. 

When your pet visits our Florence veterinarian we provide general anesthesia along with applicable bloodwork and medical supervision. Your pet is in comfort and care under the watchful eyes of our lab technicians as we perform a dental cleaning and checkup. This is the standard way of providing pets with dental services for the safety of our crew, as well as the safety of your pet.

Emergency Vet Dental Care

If your pet has a traumatic injury resulting in broken or missing teeth, then you want to visit our emergency vet ASAP. We work with pets that have food or objects lodged in their mouth or teeth, as well as traumatic injuries to the tongue. In these instances, if your pet can no longer breathe or chew, or they are experiencing nonstop bleeding, it is time to visit our animal hospital. We recommend bringing your pet in as soon as you can as it is likely that your pet is substantial pain.

About Cashua Veterinary Care

Along with routine, non-urgent, and urgent dental care, we also help pets suffering from chronic pain and pets that need surgery. We also have pet grooming and bathing, as well as nail trimming and boarding for animals. Our facility gives you access to everything you need under one roof so you can protect your pet from undue stress. We are here to provide your pet with a healthy, loving place to go when they have medical needs as well as maintain their general health and wellness.

Finding a Vet Near Me

To get started with our veterinarian in Florence, SC for pet dental care, you will need to schedule an appointment. Call Cashua Veterinary Care at (843) 407-9020 to speak with our staff or sign up online.

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