Pet Dental Cleanings

As a pet owner, you are responsible for the actions that aid in keeping your pet safe and healthy. This includes your dog or cat's teeth. Routine teeth cleanings are very important in avoiding health issues. At Cashua Veterinary Care in Florence, SC, we can help with your pet’s dental care. We offer dental checkups, emergency services, and oral surgery. We can also help you keep up with your pet’s oral hygiene at home.


Why Pet Dental Cleanings Are Important

If you do not take the time to tend to your dog or cat's teeth on a regular basis, there is a potential for a buildup of tartar and plaque to occur upon the surfaces of its teeth. When this happens, it pushes its way underneath the pet's gumline, where it is more difficult to remove. This can cause gingivitis, or gum inflammation. If left untreated, other periodontal diseases can settle in. When this happens, your pet is at risk of tooth loss. To avoid these scenarios, we offer routine teeth cleanings to remove bacteria and buildup before it has a chance to cause further problems.

Dental Cleanings with Our Veterinarians

When you bring your dog or cat to our office for pet dental cleanings, we first conduct a full checkup of your pet's body to ensure it is in good health. If issues are found, they are treated as needed. We provide general anesthesia for teeth cleanings. Our vet will scale tartar off of your pet's teeth using a hand tool. Afterward, we will inspect your pet's teeth for signs of decay and give you recommendations regarding proper oral hygiene care. We will also provide you with a lesson on how to brush your pet's teeth.

Dental Care at Home

Make it a priority to check your pet's teeth every few days for signs of a problem. If your pet has a broken tooth, if its gums are inflamed, or if it seems to be in pain, contact our vet for an evaluation. To clean your pet's teeth, you only need a pet toothbrush and toothpaste. Place a dab of the paste on the brush and rub it over the surfaces of your pet's teeth. This process may not be well-received at first, but with perseverance, the process should become easier.

Schedule Your Pet’s Appointment

If your dog or cat needs its routine pet dental cleaning, our veterinarians can help. At Cashua Veterinary Care in Florence, SC, we offer dental care in addition to a variety of other veterinary services. These include vaccines, surgery, preventative care, emergency care, boarding, grooming, and more. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call us today.

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