Pet Urgent Care

Veterinary care is available to help you through your most difficult moments with your pet. A veterinary emergency can result from physical trauma, toxic ingestion, and many other of issues. Urgent care can help you take care of your pet's needs as quickly as possible. At Cashua Veterinary Care in Florence, SC, we have been providing emergency pet care services for many years. Pet urgent care services can help your pet get treatment as quickly as possible.

Pet Urgent Care

Diagnostic Services

One of the best reasons to visit an urgent care center is for a diagnosis. Your pet can often be assessed for trauma and internal symptoms quickly based on our veterinarian's assessment. Our veterinarian will also perform tests accurately to determine what kind of treatment your pet needs.

Surgical Services & Anesthesia

Pet urgent care also includes surgical services. Whether your pet has a urinary obstruction or requires immediate dental care, our urgent care professionals can can help. Our on-site surgical center can make your urgent care visit much more effective. Our vet will administer anesthesia only after performing lab tests to ensure that your pet can safely be sedated.


An urgent care center with an on-site laboratory is ideal for most pet owners. This is because when a test is performed by the vet, the sample does not have to travel far. There is little risk that it will be lost, and there is also little risk that the results will be confused with another pet's test results. You will also get test results quicker, meaning that your pet can receive treatment as quickly as possible.


Pharmacy services also make it easy for your pet to get medication quickly. Medication for pain relief and infection control is easily administered, and you will be able to get your pet's prescription filled without going to another office. This means your pet goes home with the treatment it needs.

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If you are looking for emergency pet services in Florence, SC, contact Cashua Veterinary Care today. Whether your pet needs a diagnosis or surgery, it is important that you have a vet you can count on. Call us today at (843) 407-9020 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian. 

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