Signs Your Pet Needs To See The Vet

Four Signs Your Pet Needs to See a Vet

Regular vet visits are an important part of taking care of your beloved pet. Your Florence veterinarian at Cashua Veterinary Care will let you know how often you should bring your pet in for checkups. But sometimes your pet will also let you know when it needs to see a vet, through unspoken means. Here are signs your animal needs to see the vet as soon as possible.


Changes in Eating Habits

Pet owners are in tune with when and how much their pets eat. If you notice that your pet’s eating habits have suddenly changed, pay attention. It could mean that your animal is just feeling under the weather, or it could be a sign of something serious. If it carries on for more than a day or two, contact your Florence vet for advice or to book an appointment.

Excessive Drinking of Water

If your pet suddenly can’t seem to get enough water to drink, you should bring it to our animal hospital to see an emergency vet right away. Drinking too much water is the result of many reasons, such as kidney failure, diabetes, or dehydration, so a professional diagnosis by your pet’s vet is definitely needed.

Weight Loss

As a pet owner, it’s likely you stroke your pet on a daily basis. If you notice that your animal feels skinnier than usual, or you can feel ribs and other bones that weren’t prominent before, this could be a sign of weight loss. Weigh your pet and compare it to the last vet visit measurement. Has there been significant weight loss? Unlike humans, pets shouldn’t lose or gain significant amounts of weight. They should remain fairly steady throughout their adult life. Talk to your vet in Florence about any noticeable changes in weight.


If your pet is displaying signs of lethargy, your animal is likely feeling ill. Sometimes pets do come down with minor conditions that can leave them feeling tired and listless. But if the lethargy continues for more than a couple of days and your pet still isn’t acting like its old self, then it’s time to get it veterinary care so it can get checked out. Your Florence veterinarian can run some diagnostic tests to determine the best way to get your pet back in good health.

There Is No Need to Look for a “Vet Near Me” Anymore

Are you searching for a “veterinarian near me?” Look no further than our own veterinarians in Florence, SC, at Cashua Veterinary Care! Whether your pet just needs some medication or emergency admission, your Florence veterinarian is here for your animal. If you notice any of the symptoms listed above, don’t wait for your next appointment. Call today to book an appointment. Our number is (843) 407-9020.

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