Orthopedics Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery at Cashua Veterinary Care

Sometimes, pets need surgery too. It’s never something we want for our best friends, but when life hits them hard, orthopedic surgery could be the best way to help your pet heal. At Cashua Veterinary Care, we aim to be the Florence vet that you trust with your precious pet.



Orthopedic surgery starts with powerful diagnostic tools and techniques. We employ the latest and most advanced technologies to identify problems and prescribe appropriate surgical treatments. Radiography, CT scans, and traditional x-rays allow us to take deep, detailed looks at bone structures and issues to properly identify problems and provide the correct treatment options. Our expert staff can administer and analyze each imaging method to completion.

X-rays are not the only reasonable way for our Florence veterinarian to diagnose internal issues. Ultrasonography utilizes less-invasive measures to identify medical issues that might be affecting your pet. We use all of the latest imaging resources to make sure your pet gets the best care possible.


When the diagnosis is complete, our on-staff surgeons utilize our state-of-the-art facility to perform any operation your pet needs. We work on joints, both repairing and replacing as needed. We handle skeletal fixation and growth deformities. We can also perform stabilization surgery for muscles, tendons, and joints. Even bone cancer surgeries are available to help your pet overcome an otherwise devastating diagnosis.

Of course, we offer trauma care. Providing emergency vet services is one of our primary goals. An injury that could otherwise change the course of your pet’s life can be treated with the most advanced animal medicine available.

Pet Surgery in Florence, SC

When you need a vet, call Cashua Veterinary Care animal hospital at (843) 407-9020. We’re the veterinarian in Florence, SC, that can make the difference in your pet’s life. We’re here, and we’re ready to take care of your pet with the greatest of care and compassion. Allow our expert staff, advanced technology, and love of animals to guide the way to pet care that puts your furry friend first and gives them the best animal care available.

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